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Hard Disk Manager for Windows

version 16

Data safety made simple for novice users and experts alike

  • Organize your disks, ensure capacity and performance of storage media
  • Transfer systems on the fly, use physical and virtual appliances at will
  • Use professional-grade backup to secure systems, applications and data
  • Always stay up and running with boot fix and fail-safe system recovery

Data safety is a complex problem that requires you take care of many things. Paragon Hard Disk Manager (HDM) consolidates 25 years of hands-on expertise in system software to keep your data healthy and safe.

  • “Paragon’s ability to work with all of the most common operating systems and drive configurations also makes Paragon Hard Disk Manager (HDM) a big winner in the category of best imaging software. HDM has positioned itself to not only address your imaging needs today, but to help manage your backup, recovery, and migration issues for years to come.”

    TopTen Reviews

  • Verdict: “Always gets the job done with a minimum of anxiety and fuss, while rival programs have sometimes left me with inaccessible data and a racing heartbeat.”


  • “EASY! Worked Perfectly!
    The user interface was intuitive and easy to follow. In just a few mouse clicks, the process was underway!”

    Amazon User

Novice users

“Complex” doesn’t necessarily have to mean “difficult.” Friendly wizards walk you through all the steps necessary to successfully complete the most common tasks, such as setting up a new computer, replacing an old mechanical disk with new fast SSD, recovering your system in case of failure or malware activity, and more.

Let’s face it: You may run into a problem that you won’t be able to fix yourself, requiring the assistance of a more knowledgeable friend or professional. But to receive proper assistance, you need to prepare in advance. Having HDM and regular backups in place now can save you a great deal of time and trouble in the future.

Expert users

Expert users can leverage more sophisticated scenarios and invoke specialized tools providing full control over specific tasks.

Protected mode

Protected mode

We recommend using protected mode, which is enabled by default. In this mode, everything you want to do is first placed in a queue, with changes applied only after user verification. You don’t have to wait for an operation to finish before you can move on, since some operations can take time to complete. More importantly, you can go back one step at a time in case of problems, or to undo any changes already made.

Start for free

Start for free

Hard Disk Manager Basic is a fully functioning version that contains a selection of key features so you can start protecting your computer right away. It includes basic partitioning to help keep your disks properly organized and functioning efficiently, as well as professional-grade backup to safely retain and restore data.

Paragon Recovery Media Builder

Paragon Recovery Media Builder

Hard Disk Manager also comes with full-fledged Paragon Recovery Media Builder to help correct most boot problems that might occur from logical errors, hardware malfunctions, or failures. Additionally, if your system becomes corrupted or compromised — including problems caused by malware or ransomware — you’ll be able to quickly restore full operability of your system and applications with minimal data loss.

Upgrade to premium

Upgrade to premium

At any time, you can upgrade to the Advanced package which:

  • Covers up to three personal computers
  • Offers a number of advanced features
  • Includes premium technical support
  • Warrants discounts for other Paragon products

Resize partitions on the fly

Resize partitions on the fly

Internal drive running low on available disk space? This dilemma often occurs when you have multiple partitions to accommodate different systems and data types. With Hard Disk Manager, you can resize partitions on the fly to maximize available storage capacity.

Clean up media

Clean up media

When disposing of an old computer, it’s a good idea to first wipe personal data. Hard Disk Manager makes this task a snap by irreversibly destroying data stored on a device.
Alternatively, you can opt only to clean unused space (in which case deleted files can still be restored), while keeping useful data intact. You may be surprised to learn how much data leakage occurs from the negligence of this simple rule.

Live transfer your systems and data

Live transfer your systems and data

Suppose you want to change your old mechanical hard disk drive (HDD) to a fast new solid-state storage device (SSD). With Hard Disk Manager, you simply choose where you want Windows to be, and there it is, ready to run. You can even continue working on your system while Windows is being relocated! No manual operations or reboots necessary — just switch over when ready.

Package Features

Windows support

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

Create, format, delete/undelete, hide/unhide, active/inactive, assign/remove drive letter, change volume label, file system conversion (FAT to NTFS, NTFS to FAT, HFS to NTFS, NTFS to HFS), file system integrity check

Split/merge, redistribute free space, change cluster size, convert to logical/primary, edit sectors, compact/defragment MFT, convert to MBR/GPT, change primary slots and serial number, connect VD, surface check

Industry-class algorithms, shell integration, SSD trim, clear HDD/partition, clear free space, cleanup reports

Copy Partition, Copy Disk, Operating System Migration

Backup/restore system and data, single backup job, File Transfer Wizard

View/edit backup jobs, unlimited number of jobs

Hybrid (uEFI and BIOS compatible) x32/x64 recovery environment, Linux/WinPE bootable USB/ISO/PXE, optional Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK), Automated Installation Kit (WAIK), driver injection, pre-mounted network connection during setup

Supported Technology

Computer bus interfaces

Complete uEFI support
Parallel ATA (Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment)
SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment)
External SATA (eSATA)
USB (Universal Serial Bus) 1.x/2.0/3.0
IEEE 1394 (FireWire)
All types of RAIDs (hardware and software)
PC or PCMCIA Card (Personal Computer Memory Card International Association)


2.2TB+ hard disk drives
AFD (Advanced Format Drive)
Non-512B sector size drives
SSD (Solid State Drive)

Partitioning schema

Windows Storage Spaces Support
MBR (Master Boot Record)
GPT (GUID-Partition Table)
Microsoft Dynamic Disk

File systems

NTFS (v1.2, v3.0, v3.1)
FAT16, FAT32
Linux Ext2FS, Linux Ext3FS, Linux Ext4FS, Linux Swap
Apple HFS+
Other file systems (in the sector-by-sector mode)
With BitLocker encrypted hard disks

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t find free HDM-based products (Partition Manager / Backup & Recovery / Rescue Kit Free) and some commercial editions on your website. Are they discontinued?
Yes, but we offer a better way – all functions of the mentioned free product versions are now included into the new Hard Disk Manager and available completely for free after a quick activation over the Internet. Advanced features, previously distributed among several products, are now all combined in HDM, and can be purchased and activated directly in the program (see HDM Free vs. HDM Premium comparison). So, you don’t need to have several different products installed in your computer any more, but only one – Hard Disk Manager 16. You can find free product updates in MyParagon Account.
Can I use your product on the latest Windows 10 Creators Update?
Of course! Hard Disk Manager is fully compatible with the latest operating system.
Can I use cloud storage as backup destination?
Absolutely, most cloud storage providers support WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning), a communication protocol based on HTTP 1.1 that provides a framework for users to create, modify, and move files to a remote server. All you need is to mount cloud storage as a network volume in the system via WebDAV and configure Hard Disk Manager to use it. For more information, please consult our best practice called “Backup to Cloud with Backup & Recovery 16.”
What RAID configuration does your product support?
Hard Disk Manager supports all types of software and hardware RAID configuration with only one restriction: Your RAID should already be set up and recognized by your OS as a single disk. For more information, please consult Knowledge Base.
My SATA/RAID controller is not recognized by the WinPE recovery media.
You should have already injected drivers for a controller during creation of the recovery media, which is a recommended one-time procedure. Alternatively, you can inject the drivers each time after booting from the recovery media through the corresponding dialog. For more information, please consult Product Manual and Knowledge Base.
Does your product support Microsoft Dynamic Disks?
Full support of this proprietary technology is not yet available from any third-party vendor, as Microsoft has yet to make available the proper documentation. Hard Disks Manager provides limited support for MBR dynamic disks. GPT dynamic disks are NOT supported. For more information, please consult Knowledge Base.
Can I change the layout of BitLocker-encrypted volumes?
No, Hard Disk Manager doesn’t allow changing the layout for this volume type. However, you can back up, restore, copy, and perform additional actions with unlocked BDE volumes. An unlocked BDE volume is a volume encrypted with BitLocker, which is open for access (password or recovery key is provided). For more information, please consult Knowledge Base.
Windows asks for activation after copying to another storage device.
Microsoft requires all changes in hardware devices to be tracked by the Windows operating system. As such, Hard Disk Manager is unable to circumvent this requirement.


Current Version

Download Paragon Festplatten Manager für Windows 32bit

Download Paragon Festplatten Manager für Windows 64bit

Previous Versions

Download Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 (from MyParagon account)

Product Documentation

Download Paragon Festplatten Manager für Windows User Manual

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