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Manage disk space on Macs with Boot Camp

  • Redistribute storage space between Mac and Windows anytime
  • Safe, easy and compatible with the latest macOS versions, including 10.13 High Sierra
  • Support technologies such as Fusion Drive, System Integrity Protection and the new Apple File System

The proven solution to manage disk space on dual system Mac

CampTune makes your Boot Camp Windows partition freely resizable. You may need to adjust the size of your Windows partition when, for example, you run out of disk space or want to install an application with particularly high storage requirements. CampTune provides a simple slider to redistribute storage space between Macintosh HD and Boot Camp Windows partitions. The resize operation is safe, fast and easy.
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How it works

To redistribute storage space between macOS and Windows with Paragon CampTune, simply move the partition size slider and click Resize. Alternatively, type in the exact size in gigabytes for either partition.

Note that any changes to system disk partitions can only be made in a special boot environment called macOS Recovery mode. This is because the system disk configuration is a critical area of macOS guarded by the System Integrity Protection technology. CampTune guides you through the creation of a special bootable drive which is then used to start your Mac and safely resize the partitions. It will take a few minutes to create the required bootable media files; you will need a 1 GB or larger removable storage device like a USB stick or an SD card.

Full Features



Supported Mac OS versions

  • Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan
  • macOS Sierra (10.12)
  • NEW macOS High Sierra (10.13)

Supported Microsoft Windows versions
Any Boot Camp-supported version of Windows. Learn more ››

Fusion Drive

Logical volumes on the hybrid Fusion Drives can be resized


FileVault encrypted volumes are supported.

System Integrity Protection

NEW Paragon CampTune can perform resize operations with a system disk in macOS even with System Integrity Protection turned on

Apple File System (APFS) support

NEW Apple File System is fully supported

Need more management functionality for your dual- system Mac?

Check out Hard Disk Manager for Maс ››

Frequently Asked Questions

What operations can I perform with the demo version?
The demo version only allows resizing operation of up to 2 GB. To remove this limitation, purchase a license key and activate the software.
Does CampTune work with System Integrity Protection (SIP)?
Yes, it does. Starting from the November 2017 update Paragon CampTune can perform resize operations with a system disk in macOS even with System Integrity Protection turned on.
Why does CampTune produce the “Invalid Boot Camp configuration” error?
Briefly, it means that your configuration now has a GPT/MBR mismatch. Please refer to this support Knowledge Base article for more information about the error and the way to fix it.
Is APFS supported?
Paragon CampTune fully supports the new Apple File System (APFS) which is a part of the new High Sierra version of macOS.
What if my version of Mac OS X is 10.10 or earlier?
If you use an old version of Mac OS X on your Mac, you can obtain a compatible version of CampTune by contacting Paragon technical support.


Current Version

Download Paragon CampTune

Previous Versions

Download Paragon Camptune X (from your personal account)

Product Documentation

Download Paragon CampTune User Manual

Need help?

Contact Support or file a support ticket

Something else?

Fill in the feedback form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible

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Many Paragon products come with free technical support. All of our Customers are entitled to a free 30-day upgrade if a new version appears within 30 days of product purchase. Should you have any questions about the installation or configuration of our software, do not hesitate to contact our Support Team via MyParagon Customer Portal.

  • CampTune is a great software, especially for the low price of $19.95. If you work with Boot Camp, or are planning to do so, we highly recommend getting CampTune. As you will most likely need it at some point.

    Mac Essence,

  • In the past, to reallocate free space on your Mac, you’d need to back up the Boot Camp partition, delete the partition, recreate an NTFS partition with a new size and, finally, restore the Windows partition backup to the new NTFS partition. This process could take anywhere between two and five hours. Fortunately, Paragon Software has developed CampTune, which achieves the same result in a matter of minutes!

    Mac Bed,