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IT Essentials Toolkit

Disaster Recovery from the bottom up for business and organizations of all sizes

  • Continuous storage health and data protection
  • For systems, applications, and data
  • Across heterogeneous physical and virtual appliances
  • Throughout the entire IT asset life cycle

Paragon IT Essentials Toolkit helps business and organizations of all sizes build a reliable Disaster Recovery framework, from storage management to system integrity and data protection. It facilitates managing IT assets throughout the entire lifecycle, from deployment to disposal, to ensure no business continuity gaps exist across heterogeneous systems in hybrid environments.

Small business and organizations

Small business and organizations

Small businesses and organizations can use a concurrent Site License that includes general-purpose storage and system management tools and do-all backup for:

  • One Windows Server
  • One VM Host (up to 2xCPUs)
  • Up to 10 Windows workstations

All additional hardware in your location can be managed by the administrative personnel in attended mode. Regular backups, however, would require supplementary per seat licenses. For most small businesses and organizations, one to four Site Licenses should suffice out of the box. If you have a more complex environment, you may consider an Enterprise License.

Start from $699 ›

IT organizations and Service Providers

IT organizations and Service Providers

Large IT organizations that manage complex systems will be better off with Technician License that lets you flexibly configure managed objects and meet business agility needs while keeping a TCO baseline.
Organizations that provide IT services to external customers can further granularly select license terms for attended systems to balance margins and costs successfully.

Storage Management

  • Manage all types of physical media and virtual drives
  • Organize storage to properly align data integrity and availability to business needs
  • Use file systems that fit the best specific application needs
  • Create and align partitions to ensure optimum capacity and performance
  • Resize partitions on the fly to provide sufficient space for application and data
  • Check storage health and performance, prevent and correct problems
  • Sanitize disposed hardware and media, completely destroy all data

Systems Management

  • Deploy systems in bulk
  • Virtualize legacy systems
  • Live migrate Windows systems without interrupting current operations
  • Migrate among physical and virtual appliances, jump start on bare metal or different hardware
  • Correct boot problems that may occur from logical errors, hardware malfunctions or failures

Backup and Replication

  • Use hot file-level and sector-level backup of physical and logical media
  • Backup system state, applications and data, create bootable archives and backup capsules
  • Back up and incrementally merge virtual containers (you don’t need agents for Hyper-V)
  • Use advanced deduplication to replicate large data repositories
  • Synchronize across geographical and organizational boundaries, and resume operations with no downtime

Recovery and Restore

  • Correct most boot problems that may occur from logical errors, hardware malfunctions or failures
  • Recover availability of corrupted or compromised applications and systems, including problems caused by malware activity
  • Recover to bare metal and different hardware
  • Granularly restore configuration, business and user data, automatically adjust storage to ensure capacity and performance
  • The whole package is what we needed; with a small IT department it is a time-saver! After evaluating the product for ease of use, speed of repartitioning, cost, and support, we determined that this product best fit our requirements.

    Senior System Engineer, Rackspace

  • One of Paragon’s pride and joys is its Snapshot technology, which allows users to create an exact sector-level copy of the operating system and all user data. Compared to Time Machine and other Mac-native backup solutions, Snapshot offers improved performance, with system recovery times in minutes rather than hours. If you’re longing for the more robust features of earlier Disk Utility versions or want complete command over connected storage devices, Paragon Hard Disk Manager is the way to go. Read the full review here ››

    Dennis Sellers,

  • We needed to decrease the amount of time we were spending on reimaging machines. One of the features I looked for in a solution was the ability to process multiple restores on the network – Paragon was the only vendor offering the features I needed as well as disk partition and other disk management tools.

    Corey Simpson,
    IT Systems Coordinator, Boise State University

  • Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Mac is an excellent backup tool and partition manager.

    PC Advisor UK,

  • Thank You for great bunch of software. I managed to successfully move BootCamp partition from old backup to brand new disk with fresh OS X, extending / shrinking of all partition types works good as well. OS X is 10.11 El Capitan, on 256GB Samsung SSD.

    Wojciech Sz.,
    IT Administrator

Paragon Hard Disk Manager Business

maintains Windows servers and workstations throughout their lifecycle:

Backup & Recovery saves your time in configuring regular backup jobs for entire computers, individual volumes, or files.

Partition Manager helps to change the layout of physical and virtual hard disk drives with minimal effort and completely safe.

Drive Copy migrates Windows OS, single partitions and entire disks to new storage devices, even of smaller capacity.

Disk Wiper permanently erases data from any type of storage media utilizing 'SSD Trimming' or military grade wiping algorithms.

Paragon VM Backup

Virtual Machine Backup for agentless backup and replication of virtual environments hosted by VMware vSphere and standalone ESX(i) servers. Based on award-winning Paragon Protect and Restore, VM Backup is optimized for needs of SMB infrastructures, providing simple, fast deployment and smart wizard-driven user interface.

Paragon CampTune

CampTune provides a simple slider to redistribute storage space between Macintosh HD and Boot Camp Windows partitions. The resize operation is safe, fast and easy.

Paragon’s File System Link (FSL)

solutions enable various hardware devices to communicate with storage media formatted to any popular file systems regardless of the chip and operating system type:

NTFS for Mac adds write access to Windows NTFS volumes in macOS.

HFS for Windows provides full read/write access to macOS HFS/HFSX volumes in Windows.

ExtFS for Mac opens up read/write access to Linux Ext2/3/4 volumes in macOS.

ExtFS for Windows adds full read/write access to Linux Ext2/3/4 volumes in Windows.

NTFS for Linux bridges Windows NTFS-formatted storages with Linux computers and embedded devices.

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